Liquid Steel Designs

A Fylde Coast based service covering restoration work, hydrographics, cerakoting, metal polishing, plating and much more.


Liquid Steel Designs

Specialist Ceramic coatings available in a range of colours and finishes.


Liquid Steel Designs

Shotgun and Firearm customising and repairs undertaken.


Our Work

  • LCZ 22RF
    Cerakote Forest Green high bake with digital came over a dark green base.
  • Hatsan Semi Automatic
    Graphite Black receiver, carbon dipped barrel and pink camo furniture.
  • Armalite AR-10
    Armalite AR-10 Stainless barrel finished in high bake Armor. Finished in Black.
  • Blow Back Air Pistol
    Cerakote tan action and skull hydrographic slide under matte clear coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the finish withstand heat?

Yes. The paints used are generally automotive. The heat produced by firing a shotgun or firearm is well within the range of capability of these paints, (try touching a black car bonnet in the mid-day sun).    

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Will the weapon rust when the blue is removed?

No. Provided any scratches or chips that have revealed the steel are touched up the weapon will be far more resilient to corrosion that it was when it left the factory. Gun blue has very poor corrosion resistant properties compared to the paints used in the process.    

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Will the pattern or colour fade:

No. All patterns are sealed with clear coats that have industry proven UV resistant properties.

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Will the process adversely affect my manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes. If your weapon is still under warranty, and corrosion is covered, the fact that the manufacturer finish has been removed will render the warranty invalid. Our warranty will protect against rust provided care is taken and the weapon is kept in a dry, clean state after use. Disassembly will be carried out by professional and reputable gunsmiths at all times.

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My weapon is badly corroded and the stock is snapped. Can it still be re-furbished?

Yes. We have yet to come across a job that can’t be done, however, we cannot guarantee the survival of barrels if chokes are seized so the point that they will need grinding. In this case no work will be carried out and the weapon will be returned to the customer free of charge with instruction to de-commission, (postage fees will be incurred both ways by the customer).

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Can I post my gun?

Yes. Postage must be via RFD’s and at return postage must be face to face with an RFD at the customer’s end. You may drop weapons off in person.

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We can fully restore any weapon whilst carrying out your chosen design.


Only high Quality UV resistant coats are used.

Airbrush Art

We are also able to airbrush your weapon once Hydro Dipped.

Metal Polishing

Full metal polishing service available. Ask for full details.